Patches Welcome

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“Patches Welcome” is a common phrase in the FOSS (Free and Open Sourse Software) community, and it exemplifies my approach to every project that I publish under my name.

What does it mean?

“Patches Welcome” is an explicit invitation to help me improve the things that I do.

A ‘patch’ traditionally refers to a description of a fix or modification that can be made to a project. For software, this could mean bug fixes, feature additions, tooling changes, or even a major overhaul to the project structure.

In this context, I’m referring not only to my software projects, but (almost) any aspect of any project that I put out for consumption, including streams, videos, websites, and even my own methodologies.

What does it not mean?

This is not an open invitation to harass, troll, or otherwise cause unwelcome disruption to any community space.

If you have a problem with me, take it up with me. I will take good-faith criticism under consideration, but I always reserve the right to ignore your bullshit.

How to contribute

The best way to get in touch about any specific change will most likely depend on the medium of the content that should be changed. If I left a link to this page, I will usually also leave the preferred contact method nearby, so check there first.

For software projects, my first choice is to use the Issues or Pull Requests feature of the applicable git forge (Github, Gitlab, Gitea, etc). Otherwise, you may email patches, or discus via any other method listed on the Contact Info page. I will usually prefer a publicly-readable medium in most cases.

For anything not covered here, or if you’re unsure, feel free to use any method listed on the Contact Info page. If another method is more appropriate, I will be happy to redirect as need be.

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