Origin of Thursdaylark


Yeah, well… It’s kind of insular, so bear with me…

Years before the implosion of freenode.net, I spent a lot of time in #archlinux. First to get support as I explored the distro, then to also give support as my own experience grew. Many builds were riced, and all was good.

I was generally more active during work hours, as I had found myself on a small dev team, and used Arch for my work machine. From my employer’s perspective, this was fine as long as I continued to be interoperable with the rest of my team which were running Debian. To them, it was free as in beer, and I took it upon myself to give back to the community by donating some of my time on the clock to supporting others who used tools that I used for my job (which included Debian along with other projects). Whether I had permission to do so is another conversation entirely ;)

During this time, #archlinux had an activity tracker running, which was fun to glance at every once in a while. It kept stats on things like which words or phrases were most commonly used by which user, and stuff like that. For instance, one could craft a query that would tell them how often the wiki was linked, which, unsurprisingly, was extremely often.

One day, someone (I believe it was teraflops) noticed that my stats were somewhat anomalous: I had been consistantly writing the most lines on Thursdays. They immediately then dubbed me as “thursdaylark”, and I found this amusing enough to let it stick around.

So, ever since then, I have had weechat set up to automatically change my nick to thursdaylark at midnight on Thursday local time, and then change it back to thurstylark the following midnight. Thus my stats were wrecked, but the legacy stayed around.

For some reason, I still find myself interacting with #archlinux the most on thursdays, and I’m not entirely sure why. Several things about my life, employment, and even sleep patterns have changed dramatically since then, but for some reason, I happen to be more active as thursdaylark instead of as thurstylark.

Okay… But that was on Freenode…

Sure, but then Freenode was taken over by some trust fund kiddie who summarily shit all over the only thing that made Freenode worthwhile in the first place: the users and the communities they curated for decades prior. The support staff either were ousted or left of their own accord to form a new network from its ashes: libera.chat.

Everyone basically moved directly over, and I was no different. All my configs stayed the same, and just pointed to libera.chat instead.

But, why?

Meh, I still find it funny

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