On Labels

A label is not a template for behavior. It is a tool used for describing your specific brand of awesome to others. You are you, pick a label that fits (or don’t, whatever)

That is to say: I am secure in the label that I’ve chosen, not because I can fit within the label, but because the label fits me. I am the only one in the world qualified to make any judgments about my sexuality, because I am the only one in the world who lives my life, feels my emotions, and experiences my attraction The only reason I have chosen to use a one-word label for such a large, complicated part of my person, is because it provides a useful short-hand.

However, this absolutely doesn’t mean labels have no usefulness beyond communicating complicated concepts in a succinct way. In an external sense, labels provide some semblance of community in a world where people are often denied the opportunity to internalize these concepts from a young age; Finding this community provides legitimacy, validation, and support where otherwise one would be left to deal with their identity completely alone.

But, for the purposes of one’s internal struggle: You are who you are, and whatever that ends up looking like for you, it can be explored and discovered with or without the participation of others. For some people, it helps to have some experience to consider, but there are just as many who have come to their conclusions completely on their own.

IMO: Begin by finding the truth about yourself, and then you can figure out how to communicate that to others.

Or don’t. I don’t live your life :)

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